"Here Learning Goes Beyond Books"

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The parents of MGM Kindergarten students can be rest assured that their children will be provided with unique and powerful activity-oriented educational opportunities. We employ a self-evaluation system for our teachers where they investigate their teaching practices as well as the effectiveness of programs for the children. This enables them to identify key steps to further improve emotional, physical & health safety programs, supervision practices, hygiene policies, and excursion & field trip activities.

Our key focus areas include:


We make it a policy to ensure that every child gets an environment that is both physically safe and psychologically enabling. Our aim here is to develop a learning environment where children would be motivated to learn new things in fun ways. We also keep ourselves updated on how each child behaves at home and how they behave at school so that we can tailor an experience similar to their homes at the school. Affectionate and caring teachers, lively friends, fun games and other entertaining activities combined will nourish an interest in them to come to school.


Our programs are designed to understand our children on a deeper level and to involve them in all activities with other kids where they can learn social skills like sharing and caring. We organize various charity works like visiting old age homes and orphanages where children learn why it’s important to care and share. We also consider it our utmost pleasure to celebrate the birthdays of our joyful children by greeting them and presenting them with special gifts on the stage during the school assembly, and encouraging them to share their gifts with their friends. We believe these memories will shape their characters as they age.

Furthermore, MGM also practices narrating powerful stories with moral values to our children [Value Education] and enabling them to seek spiritual help which in turn will instill in them a sense of morality to overcome temptations toward bad habits.


Twice a week, our teachers take the children out for a walk where they can experience and observe nature, have fun playing with other children, find collectibles, learn photosynthesis & germination, watch the clouds move and experience beauty at its finest. One of the biggest benefits of this activity is that it awakens the dormant creativity within the children.


Rhymes, songs, and dances are taught here to identify natural talents. There is no vehicle more joyful and playful for providing such training than early childhood. 10 to 15 rhymes (old & new) of different languages are taught monthly. The choreography of each dance will be based on the theme of special days.

Additionally, we organize aerobics sessions, mass PT, and entertaining games to increase their self-confidence. Our sports day gives an opportunity for all the kids to participate in sports games, have fun with their friends while learning to coordinate & cooperate.


Facilities include Playroom, Kids’ Gym, Park, Smart Room, and Tactile Entertainment Systems including Music Systems, Projectors, TV Rooms, and Library. A separate register is maintained to mark visits and usage of these facilities. We believe such facilities fire children's imagination and widen their knowledge horizons.