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MGM CPS Admission Open for the Academic Year 2024-25 from Pre-KG to Class XII - For Enquiry- Contact +91 9562748884, +91 9562508242 MGM RPS Admission Open for the Academic Year 2024-25 from Pre-KG to Class XII - For Enquiry- Contact Ms. Jessy Vinu +91 9446960676, Ms. Radhamani +91 9447113346, Ms. Seena +91 9446613400 MGM KS Admission Open for the Academic Year 2024-25 from Pre-KG to Class X - For Enquiry- Contact Ms. Hajimol +91 9562508243, Ms. Soumya +91 9400583285 MGM VMPS Admission Open for the Academic Year 2024-25 from Pre-KG to Class X - For Enquiry- Contact Ms. Jayalekshmi +91 9562598889, Ms. Priya +91 9562578883 MGM PS Admission open for the academic year 2024-25 from pre kg to class IX - for enquiry contact Ms. Soby K C +91 9562508249, Ms. Anjumol Jubeesh +91 9562508250 MGM EES Admission Open for the Academic Year 2024-25 from Pre-KG to Class X - For Enquiry- Contact Ms. Mariyamma Thampan +91 9447439855, Ms. Sreeja S Nair +91 9497813111 MGM TS Admission Open for the Academic Year 2024-25 from Pre-KG to Class X - For Enquiry- Contact Ms. Devika S B +91 9847655420, Ms. Aradhana P S +91 8075679810, Lekha P +91 9539996130 MGM PVPS Admission Open for the Academic Year 2024-25 from Pre-KG to Class X - For Enquiry- Contact Ms. Beena +91 8075150548, Principal +91 9947572864 MGM Group of Schools announces "Admission Open" for Academic Year 2024-25 for all Classes. MGM IS Admission Open for the Academic Year 2024-25 from Pre-KG to Class X - For Enquiry- Contact Ms. Mini P +91 9645512286 MGM KCS Admission Open for the Academic Year 2024-25 from PLAY CLASS to Class X - For Enquiry- Contact Ms. Soumya +91 9562508800, Ms. Sindhu +91 9961428280

Academic Excellence

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think – Margaret Mead.

MGM’s Academic Excellence program isn’t only aimed at supporting academically gifted children in reaching their full potential. The program is meant to guide all of our pupils regardless of their academic prowess with an innovative curriculum designed to develop leadership qualities.

The Academic Excellence program at MGM molds our children into independent, critical and creative thinkers while equipping them with the resourcefulness to adapt to changing times and trends. Though all-around academic excellence is the intended by-product of the program, MGM aims to develop in children the commitment to performing well academically while overcoming their fears of scoring less in exams.

Personality Development

With schools being the second home for children, every school should include programs tailored to mold personalities. Apart from parental upbringing, evolution in school life also impacts a child’s personality. MGM’s program is centered on various activities and events including but not limited to quizzes, public speaking, gardening, collaboration, etc.

Personality Development at MGM is not about enriching a child’s outlook on life but is, in fact, a cluster of various core aspects that enable a child to realize and accept what he/she is and his/her strengths and weaknesses. The program instills a sense of morality, confidence, and positivity into your child thus laying a foundation for an admirable personality that is polite, humble, courteous and spiritual.

Coupled with a great education and efficient parental upbringing, our children will understand that success in life is not something they should chase but something they should draw towards them.

Sports Excellence

Raising the next generation of Thought Leaders and Game Changers begin at the physical level. MGM’s Sports Excellence program was conceived with the goal of promoting sports, physical activity and engagement among our pupils. The program is driven by expert athletes and mentors for each individual sport; collectively inspiring a vivacious sporting ethos within MGM School.

With this program, we harness the dexterity of our pupils to bring out the best in them. Sports Excellence at MGM is designed for measuring and nurturing your child’s ability to apply and evaluate their development in tactical, physical and psychological aspects of the sport they are interested in. The program also addresses various aspects including lifestyle, nutrition guidance, and time management.

A well-structured, comprehensive and professional Sporting Excellence program helps our children understand the direct impact of lifestyle choices in physical fitness and health while imparting them with the skill and knowledge to champion both on and off sporting areas.

Creativity & Innovation

Innovation is a critical factor that fuels the advancement of society. Such innovation, at its core, is powered by creativity and problem-solving skills. MGM’s Creativity & Innovation program is designed to teach and augment these skills. The principle is to help pupils realize that they will become co-creators of the future.

The program adopts a culture that empowers MGM’s faculty to guide our little wonders based on a flexible structure that fosters creativity. With the right guidance and opportunities for enrichment, our children figure out their own scientific talents while enhancing their aptitude and problem-solving abilities. To promote this program, we organize Science Exhibitions and Reasoning Assessment Tests that help us identify prodigies and give support to pupils who need further enrichment to reach that level.

Skill Development

The foundation of a nation lies in the empowerment of the youth. Such empowerment can only be achieved if the right set of skills is nurtured at the right time. This is the principle behind the Skill Development program at MGM.

The program aims to make pupils capable of self-sustenance and growth in a competitive global arena, by going beyond academics. The Skill Development program begins by actualizing the latent potential of children by presenting them with the opportunities to cultivate various skills including hand-eye coordination, creativity & imagination, cognitive and problem-solving skills, etc. This lays the foundation for them to pursue advanced Skill Development programs as they age, which in turn helps them narrow down a career they will shine in.

Chairman's Message

Welcome to MGM Educational Institutions!

For the last three decades, we have provided high-quality international level education facilities to students in Kerala. MGM Educational Institutions have experienced continuous progress due to our commitment to educational excellence. Our mission continues to drive our growth and progress, building on strong foundations. The overall development of each and every student is the goal of education and we ensure that there is no stone left unturned to equip the student of today with the core competencies needed for the challenges in life he or she will face tomorrow. We strive to keep in pace with modern education systems, curriculum development, and teaching methodologies for the ever-changing demands of the economic environment.

Our team of professional educators are dedicated to helping each student attain his or her maximum potential, both academically and socially. Fostering and celebrating our students’ talents and achievements are at the core of all we do every day.

We believe in extending the best education facilities for students of all ages from KG to PG. There are 24 educational institutions of excellence under our banner. Once you admit your child in KG in one of our 12 schools your child can enjoy the facility of pursuing education up to PG in any of the 12 Professional Colleges governed by specialized experts of the MGM group. We have 4 Pharmacy Colleges, 2 Engineering Colleges, 2 Architecture Colleges, 3 Polytechnic, and 1 Arts and Science College of Excellence under our flag strewn across the length and breadth of Kerala.

I hope the contents of this website will convey something of the ethos and atmosphere of MGM Educational Institutions and our schools. However, words and pictures are no substitute for direct experience, so I cordially invite you to visit our institutions personally and see firsthand what makes an MGM Educational Group's institution so special and different.

Dr. Geevarghese Yohannan

Founder & Chairman


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