Admission MGM KG

The parents of MGM kindergarten students can discover a unique and powerful activity oriented educational opportunity for their kids. ours is a "CHILD-FRIENDLY KINDERGARTEN" where the teachers use the self-review to investigate the effectiveness of programs for the children, this helps them to identify key next steps in developing emotional safety, health & physical safety, supervision, hygiene, excursion, field trips  etc....Teachers are growing together as a team and focus on providing natural materials and resources for children's use.

We are focusing on the following areas in order to satisfy the parents of kindergarten.

Interest to come to school

We ensure every child an environment that is physically safe and psychologically enabling.Our aim is to develop a learning environment in which children are motivated and able to learn. Our teachers are concerned about the' Whole Child'( health and well-being) about what happens to children- in their families before they enter school and after they leave the school.This will create a feeling that school is the second home and teacher is their second mother.The loving and caring teachers, friends, games and entertaining activities will create an interest to come to school.

Teaching Good habits and Spiritual values

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Prov- 22:6).

The first eight years of a child's life are golden years, the Lord has given the parents and teachers to teach and train their children to form good habits and noble characters. Teaching as many as stories with moral values (Value Education) and seeking spiritual help will enable them to overcome bad habits and temptations.Our challenge is to teach "SELF CONTROL". The students must learn to control themselves and being careful not to follow those who are not divinely led. We help them to develop a habit of forgiving quickly. Our kids will conquer all the good habits to overcome the evil and restore good to its right place.

Share and Care

About 70% of the kids live within a nuclear family, the disadvantage of a nuclear family is that it makes the child a selfish individual, they cannot learn the way to share. The only remedy for this is understanding the child and to involve them in all activities with other kids where he or she can learn social skills like sharing and caring. We are organizing various charity works, like visiting the old age home and orphanages. Where the child learns to care and share

Nature Walk and Outdoor activities

Our teachers take the students twice a week for a nature walk observing, enjoying, collecting leaves, feathers, learning germination and photosynthesis, watching the movements of clouds, flying birds, enjoying the beauty of greenery etc. The best benefit of getting outside in nature is to enjoy the variety and creativity found in the natural world. As a teacher, it's a wonderful opportunity to share about GOD with ourchildren in an easy concrete way and draw their heart towards worship and thankfulness for the beautiful world in which we live. This improves concentration and develops observation skills.

Utilizing the school facilities

We are utilizing our facilities like Playroom, Kids gym, park, smart room, music system, projector, TV room, library, and playground. A separate register is maintained to mark the visit and usage of these facilities. We believe such facilities fire children's imagination and widen their knowledge horizons.

Activities and special days

Keeping our kindergartners occupied can be quite a challenge at times. We, teachers, are there to help and guide them. We are doing a widevariety of activities like the memory test, coloring, clay modeling, art &craft, origami, lacing, gardening etc, we conduct special days on all Fridays, related to academics and festivals. This gives more exposure and helps the children to become confident and free from stage fear.

Sports and Games

Teaching aerobics, mass PT, and entertaining games increase their self-confidence. Our sports day "LUDUS" gives an opportunity for all the kids to participate and helps them to boost their physical fitness, brain function, concentration, and memory.

Music and Dance

Rhymes, songs, and dances were taught here, plays a vital role in kid's life.There is no vehicle more joyful and playful for providing such training than early child hood. 10 to 15 rhymes (Old & new) of different languages are taught monthly.The choreography of each dance will be based on the theme of special days.Each and every program is well planned in advance.


We take the privilege to celebrate Birthdays of our students bygreeting and gifting them on the stage during the assembly. Birthdays will be memorable for MGM kids.

Photo Album

We provide a photo album for every child.Photos of all the activities, stage programs, celebrations etc are preserved in their photo album so that they could cherish their memories in future.

Kids swaralaya

Our Kids cultural Fest gives the children an opportunity to participate in all the healthy competitions in which they can explore and enjoy.This is a good platform for them. we often train our talented kids for interschool competitions and has won many prizes also.

Kids Exhibition

we teach our kids art and craft projects with paint, glue, clay and various other craft items, which they are very much  interested to do. These items are exhibited during every parent -teacher meeting and also in the Kids exhibition.

Training Programmes

Every teacher goes through regular training programmes, designed to update them with the latest trends in teaching and child developments.

In a nutshell, every MGM child enjoys the freedom of choice, belongingness, respect as an individual, love, care, and attention making his/her learning a comprehensive process and not just regular academics. We proudly say that we understand your kinds..

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