An Academic Year is divided into two Semesters.

The School conducts both summative and formative assessment andevaluation on a regular basis. Attendance for periodic tests andexaminations, the schedule of which is given in the almanac, iscompulsory. Promotion to the next class will be based on the overallperformance in these tests and examinations.

Children at KG level are given only informal tests. Parents will beinformed of the specific learning outcome of their children from time totime. Children in the PlaySchool will have no tests/exams at all.

No retest will be arranged nor shall any test be rescheduled for any student on account of his / her absence. Attendance for all tests and examinationsare mandatory. Leave is not granted normally, except on medical grounds.However, granting leave shall be at the sole discretion of the Principal. Astudent will not be granted promotion if he/ she is absent in the Final Examination.


Examination results

30th March 2016 (Wednesd

The Annual Examination results will be published on 30th March 2016.

convocation ceremony

31st march 2016 at 10 AM

The convocation ceremony for students of UKG will be conducted in the school foyer.


15 October 2015

Admission started for the academic year 2016-17. Application form and Prospectus are available at School Office
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